Healbe Gobe

I loved this one so much I bought four! No wonder they blew past their goal in just a few days and went on to raise more than ten times their crowdfunding goal!

As noted by the company, “GoBe is the first and only wearable device that automatically measures the calories you consume and burn, through your skin.”


They do not directly measure the sugar in your blood and of course there is no invasive needle or pricking required.  Instead a sophisticated algorithm determines glucose levels by measuring the impedance at different points on your skin and combining that with other data including heart rate, blood flow and your body’s movement.  There is a detailed description of the technology and research on their site, in the form of a PDF document.  I am not sure how they compensate for elevated or lowered blood levels in diabetics and hyperglycemics, since metabolizing the calorie intake is the issue in that case.  There is a passing reference to this in that document, but no explanation.

One caution – the product ship date is considerably delayed.  Promised to backers in June, it still had not shipped as of August 2014.



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